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Indian Rosewood

We have a range of folding chess sets, all with cushioned wooden playing pieces

From our tiny 5″ set for £21
7″ for £26
10″ for £35
12″ for £45
all the above sizes are magnetic, so if you knock the board it’s not a disaster
14″ for£68
16″ for £90

We also have a similar range of Backgammon sets

The local tradition is that a dragon had his den at Burley Beacon, about 3 miles east of Bisterne, at Burley. He “flew” every morning to Bisterne, where he would be supplied with milk.
In order to kill the dragon, a valiant knight named Berkeley built a hide, and with two dogs lay in wait. The creature came as usual one morning for its milk, when the hide door was opened the dogs attacked it, and while thus engaged the knight took the dragon by surprise, mortally wounding him. The dragon took flight, but not before killing the knight and even eating his yew bow. Finally succumbing to his wounds he landed outside the village of Lyndhurst. His corpse turning into the hill now known as Bolton’s Bench. The yew bow sprouted and became the ring of yew trees that can still be seen today.

You don’t get a greetings card more local than this. And, as it is made up from wood veneers, you don’t get more unusual or original


(no it’s NOT pink)

We can engrave on most things, this penknife including an engraving of your choice £19

If you know someone that this penknife would suit, please send them the link!

Inspired by some really cringe-worthy sentiment advertised on Facebook, we thought we would offer personalised wooden watches with a more realistic sentiment!

This one reads:
Dad, You’ve got me, so you don’t really
need anything else, but I thought
I’d get you a watch to help you
pick me up on time.
Love {name here}

Other phrases are available:
Or you can make up your own

Mum: In thanks for all you do; for all the meals you cook, I bought you this to reduce the number that end up offerings to the gods.
Love {name here}

Son/Daughter: You are amazing and can achieve anything you put your mind to; you just have to get up before lunchtime.
Love Mum & Dad

Watch £49
Engraving £9

Please leave other suggestions:

Look who flew it with that last batch of rain –Jemima puddle duck
A cute wooden pull-along


Other pull-alongs we have:

and to even it up, we also have push-alongs:



If you would like us to write on any product, we can now write on nearly everything1!

We can pyrograph (burn by hand), this is rustic and uneven, but has character, or we can laser engrave (much smarter)

The cost for for pyrography is £2 (unless it’s an essay!)
The laser is £5 to set up plus 1p/mm2 (so the pen shown was £7.25)

Here’s the back of a watch

we can even write on our wooden rings

1Not fully painted toys for instance

Just doing a little homework.  We are always looking for inspiration and new ideas. Did you know that this year we have increased the range of our own designed unique products to 110.  That’s not saying our other products are exactly common, from wooden ties to wooden roses, there is not much that cannot be made from wood and as we’ve been open over 25 years we’ve built up quite a range.

for instance, we sell mice…

and we also sell mice…

Our products are not all locally made: in fact we get supplies from six of the seven continents of the world, but always fair-trade from less developed countries. One example is our magnetic wooden blocks that bring hope, jobs and trees to Honduras.

We do have lots of UK suppliers (we’d say more than any other shop) and as many as we can find from the New Forest it’s self.

We have a range of over 100 wooden watches, many designs, both whacky and traditional. The ones shown have our own design on. – I just wanted to say the classic line ‘I have the best job in the world – I just sit around all day making faces!’

We have ones with leather or canvas straps for £49
and ones with fully segmented wooden straps for £88.99

..or if you want one for a gift, but cannot decide, we have specific gift vouchers.
we can also laser engrave the wooden back of the watch £10