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Can you move the largest block (Cao Cao) from the top center out through the hole at the bottom of the board by sliding the other blocks out the way? This puzzle will test your patience and lateral thinking whilst helping you to develop great mental discipline.

The characters on the blocks are from one of the most legendary battles in Chinese history, the Battle of the Red Cliffs. The biggest block represents the fearsome Chinese warlord Cao Cao as he flees through Huarong Pass after his defeat. The other blocks represent the battling Chinese soldiers and the board is the battlefield. Help Cao Cao escape through the Huarong Pass by sliding him across the board and out through the step at the bottom – it can’t be done in less than 84 moves!


There’s a lot of Old Forest Folk can be seen in the New Forest:

First, there’s Old Mob; if you meet him down one of the forest rides, I’d suggest you don’t stop to ask directions!

Then there’s the Wise Woman, but don’t trust the mushrooms she’s picking, we’re not sure she’s that wise!

The woodsman is OK, just don’t sneak up behind him, anyone who uses two axes can’t be that stable (but he is even-handed)

You can always find the lute=player out in the woods, that’s the only place we let him play! – They say it’s his lute playing that causes the leaves to jump from the trees.

There are a few witches, this one is trying not to look surprised at the size of the cobweb and having second thoughts about any spell that needs a spider this big.

This warrior was seen just beyond Bolton’s Bench (you can see the Yew trees and the church in the distance) He’s carrying an ash spear, but as ash means spear should we just say he’s carrying an ash or an ash ash?

The fisherman can often be seen on the banks of the Otter river (Ok, so it was renamed the Beaulieu River in oh say the 14th Century, but you know forest folk, they take a while to get used to anything new; we’re still a bit upset with William giving our forest such a naff name after Ytene!)

Wizards pah! We try to grow useful straight sticks, we’re sure its the wizards that make them all curly!

There are even more Old Forest Folk made by the original Bashley Art and very soon they will be stars of a new set of Forest stories. (hopefully we will be stocking them)


We have a range of sand timers, these are all made from recycled bobbins (from English wool mills) The wood is at least a couple of hundred years old, with beaten pewter around the rims.

The smallest is 3 minutes, the rest on the lower shelf are 5 minutes, including the taller ‘bubble’ timer where the sand-glass itself raises to the top, whilst dropping sand. On the top shelf they are all hour-glasses (with black sand in case you are a pirate)

So why the title?..
Well, the five minute timers are sometimes bought to time children on the ‘naughty-step’; but I had one lady who bought an hour-glass for the same purpose!


We had a lady phone us: “Do you still have any of those wooden pebbles, only I’m going to London and I’ve lost mine!”  After assuring her we had plenty she finished the conversation saying she’ be straight in.
Slightly bemused, we waited and sure enough about half an hour later a lady came in, “I’ve come for a pebble, my train’s at 4 “.  After rummaging1 through our pile of pebbles, she deferentially placed one on the counter.  While ringing up the sale, I could not resist asking why she needed a pebble to go to London.
I go to visit my daughter, but it’s so crowded and bustling, that  find it very stressful both on the train and getting around London; so a few years ago my daughter gave me a wooden pebble for my handbag and whenever I feel stressed, I just hold it in my hand, it reminds me of my home in the New Forest and calms2 me, but packing this morning, I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

1No one just takes a wooden pebble, you have to rummage until you find one that talks to you.

2While a wooden pebble is beautiful to hold, did you know wood dissipates static electricity so you are less likely to get ‘zapped’ while traveling or shopping.

Mini Story Farm

Category: Stock

A themed set of small wooden toys intended to spark the imagination.
Pictured is the farm set, but we also have:
A circus set
A fireman set
A Knights set
A princess set
A safari set.

Each set is £12

Just in case there is someone out there till reading actual books!

These are wafer-thin wooden bookmarks designed by us.  Can you spot the odd one out?
The clue is they are all found in the New Forest, except one*

About 13cm high

cost £3



*Its’ the wolf.  (Alice is buried in the churchyard in Lyndhurst)

This tipping dumper truck has steerable front wheels, a tipping rear with swinging back.  It is made in Europe from managed forests.There is not one piece of plastic on these vehicles or in their packaging!

38cm long

At £68 this is toy designed to last

A puppy isn’t just for Christmas.  Take this cute chap home and you’ll have a puppy you can pass down the generations.

Pull him along head up, ears waving in the wind, or slowly nose to the floor following a scent, he’ll even sit up and beg.

about 25cm long

£18, not bad for a pedigree!