Our wooden log (page 3)

Engraved chopping boards

Have you a beautiful wooden chopping board? Or would you like one? Not sure you’ll remember where it came from or what wood it’s made from? We think we have the answer:-

As well as our range of beech boards, we are starting a new range of locally sourced hardwood chopping boards with the name of the wood and where it came from engraved into the edge of the board.

We currently have some English Oak and Field Maple ready. In the workshop we have more Oak as well as Hornbeam and Sycamore. The Sycamore is rectangular, the Oak is waney-edged on one side, the Hornbeam is waney-edged both sides.

The key feature of all these boards is that they are cut from a single piece of wood; no joints to come apart. If you accidentally leave one into soak, just dry it out, re-oil it and it’ll be good to go. Someone put it in the dishwasher! ..it might need a bit of sanding down and re-oiling. The only way to destruct one of these boards is to put it on a decent bonfire

To look after your board, just rub some oil on it. It doesn’t matter what oil as long as you’re happy to eat it! Also if you use a lot of garlic, or prepare fish on it, rubbing in lemon juice will kill the smells and keep the board antiseptic

The Treacherous Elder greetings card

I will grow anywhere, even on sea cliffs. You cannot hide from me. Of old I was found close by your door, though always slighted, never invited in; a shaving elder by the door will keep the devil away, but dare to burn me – just you dare, and I’ll invite him in. I am the scourge of flies, and will also keep these from your threshold. My hollow branches are a child’s delight – to the fair ones I give the best whistles and flutes; to Thursday’s child I give up perfect pea-shooters. All children smile their quirky sideways smiles when they dare sip my complex cordial, while to their parents, my flower’s wine gives glinting eyes and the season’s sweetest kiss.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.
On FSC approved card for £1.99

Making time

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Just finished making our first clock of the year, designed by us, and made in the shop. The multi-layered Forest Fox clock

We’ve never found a clock that is suitable for a child that wasn’t, well, childish. A pirate ship might do them for a few years, but they will still outgrow it. What we wanted was a clock that would appeal to any age, but with enough fun for a child. We’ve be open 26 years, but have never found one, so we decided to make our own. Not sure we succeeded as most of the clocks we’ve sold were not for children at all!

We also made this one last year, the New Forest Badger clock.

10″ diameter


The Pioneer Birch greetings card

I am always the first tree to colonise any open sward. If there is a way to live and grow, be sure that I will find it. Take my twigs for toothbrushes, or tie them to make besom brooms; I cannot say if they are ever used for transport!
I drive out evil spirits. Perhaps that is why I am the cane of choice for headmasters, but
gentler souls more prone to warm diplomacy will use my sap for wine.
My bark I give you easily and painlessly for all your complex needs – repelling rain, or
serving as a message-board, or even, if you boil it, as a glue. Meanwhile, as you find things
for me to do, I will be moving on, to find new soil to set my roots into.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.

My aim is to get a little fitter in 2019

So I use the ‘green gym’. Membership is free and you can go as little or as often as you like!

I have the satisfaction of getting fitter in a healthy environment and at the same time achieve something useful. (just think how much we could achieve if everyone who lifts weights lifted timber instead!)

The above is a panorama taken in Pondhead with info buttons to help make sense of the apparent chaos of coppicing. Click in the square, top-right, to go full screen. I think most of what you can see there was cut by two of us today.

For more information on getting involved, pop over to Pondhead Conservation Trust‘s website

The Blushing Beech greetings card

I stand tall, with a stately crown, changing my cloak with the seasons; from spring’s first verdant blush to autumn’s russet fire.
Seek me out in a storm – I am immune and shun the lightning. Seek me also in your kitchen – my heart is antiseptic, cleansing the steel of knives on chopping boards and butchers’ blocks.
I am the tree of wishes. If I drop a branch to you, it is an invitation; write on my limb and press it into the earth; your wish will be conveyed to the faery queen for consideration. Expect her response when I have been your messenger.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.
On FSC approved card for £1.99

A selection of Engraved wooden pebbles

They’re not memories, books or made of stone; they are tactile wooden pebbles that represent specific books.
If you’ve read the book, pick up the ‘stone’ and the memories will flood back. Are they imbued with magic, try one, we think they are.

So, which books do they represent? – have a guess, here is a clearer picture of the 7 icons so far:

Also, please let us know if there are are any other books that can be represented by a single icon!

£4 each, no charge for setting up a new icon!

A wooden notebook with carved deer

This stag-gerring beautiful sketchbook is laser cut from one of our own designs, so it is unique and not available anywhere else in the whole world!
The text is from John Muir
It is wood front and back, only the fly-leaf is green, the rest of the pages are plain unlined white paper. The outer corners of the book are reinforced with metal.
(we have replacement sets of paper)

£11 (in case you didn’t see the sticker)