Our wooden log (page 2)

We know our woods, we though we knew our dogs, but now we’re not so sure!

Is it a Westie?
Jack Russell?
Border Terrier?

Well, it’s on Alder wood; at least we know that!

Here are some other designs:
All about 15″ x 10″ (380mm x 250mm)

Spaniel on Oak
Golden Retriever on Oak
Highland cow on Hornbeam

These are all one-offs and some are already sold, but we are happy to attempt any image or re-do one we have already tried. A complete gallery of these boards can be found on Pinterest and it will grow as we have about 30 boards ready for engraving.

We designed some coasters last year, asked a man with a machine to laser them for me in Oak… when he had finished, he said ‘all done, only I couldn’t get oak, so we used bamboo’ …well we do like I bit of environmentally friendly grass; but it’s not very English, the New Forest is not exactly famous for it’s swathes of bamboo!

So earlier this year, we had a chance meeting with another man with a machine. ‘Oak?’ we asked. ‘No, but we can do Alder’

Now, Alder doesn’t mind getting it’s feet wet1, so that seemed appropriate for coasters!

This fox is the most popular of the images, some people just buy a set of these

This stag is the second most popular; other people mix and match the coasters

Selling these singularly means you can have a set of 5 if you want

There are 8 designs in total (so far)

1 Alder doesn’t mind water; it is said to hold most of Venice up

Coasters are £4.50 each

If you buy 6, you can have a free box (made of bamboo), whilst stocks last.

The Bewitching Yew greetings card

Come sit awhile under my shade in a quiet corner of the churchyard. Breathe deeply the aroma of
my sweet fermenting berries; relax as wood nymphs and faeries dance on the edge of your
vision, as your thoughts mingle with your dreams.
Take my bark, my wood, my leaves or my berries, make medicine or poison; your choice.
But save my trunk for the master bowyer; for when the King calls, the longbow is all that will stand
between you and ruin.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.
On FSC approved card for £1.99

Wooden Music boxes

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We have beautifully made, wind-up wooden music boxes

The ferris wheel above and here’s videos of the others:

The castle and car music box
The Mountain and Train music box
The coliseum and chariot music box
The merry-go-round

Well it looks like a block of walnut; it is walnut, just not quite solid. Inside there’s some of that modern wizardry stuff. The time is projected through the wood (yes, really)

Set the alarm, then simply tap the top surface to snooze, or flip it over to turn off alarm (if you can’t see a picture of an alarm clock on the top, then it’s not on.)

  • Alarm (flip to turn off)
  • Rechargeble via USB (lasts about a couple of weeks)
  • Can be left on USB
  • Continuous on or touch activated
  • 12h or 24h
  • touch sensitive buttons (through the wood)

Walnut £40
Cherry £40 (awaiting stock)

The Sad Willow greetings card

You will find me drinking at the banks of flowing streams, my memories rushing from me to the sea.
Chew my young twigs to clear your head – remember, I invented aspirin.
My pliable branches made your baskets and your fish-traps before England was an island. Later, I made gunpowder to defend or overthrow our people.  How strange, then, that I am best and far most widely known for defending not your heads from pain, or your bellies from starvation, or your lives from overthrow and death – but defending the stumps of England’s game of gentlemen and players on a Sunday afternoon.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.
On FSC approved card for £1.99

In our quest for unusual and original wooden products, we think we’ve hit gold with this one…

This Walnut book-light is not what is seems:

Open the book to turn it on, leave ajar for a directional light, or open to 360° and magnets snap it into place for a full glow.

Made from walnut plywood with a living wooden hinged spine. Recharged via a usb cable

Walnut with a warm white light
or maple with a cool white light
This size £30 or large for £60

They’ve taken us just under a year to design and get made, but we have finally received stock of our new unique cards

The Celtic version of the zodiac doesn’t concern it’s self with constellations, but with more immediate, practical signs: the trees and plants that grow around us; that are useful in our everyday lives.
Here are links to the thirteen cards, see what your Celtic sign says about you!

Birch; The Achiever (Dec. 24 – Jan. 20)
Rowan; The Thinker (Jan. 21 – Feb. 17)
Ash; The Enchanter (Feb. 18 – March 17)
Alder; The Trailblazer (March 18 – Apr. 14)
Willow; The Observer (Apr. 15 – May 12)
Hawthorn; The Illusionist (May 13 – June 9)
Oak; The Stabilizer (June 10 – July 7)
Holly; The Ruler (July 8 – Aug. 4)
Hazel; The Knower (Aug. 5 – Sept. 1)
Vine; The Equalizer (Sept. 2 – Sept. 29)
Ivy; The Survivor (Sept. 30 – Oct. 27)
Reed; The Inquisitor (Oct. 28 – Nov. 24)
Elder; The Seeker (Nov. 25 – Dec. 23)

The cards are made up from layers of recycled remnants of veneers that are laser cut and etched. then glued to a printed white card. The text is on the back. Inside is blank and can be written on directly, or on the fly-leaf that is included.

Yes, there are 13! 12 months hardly fits in with the moon!
If you want to see them all, click here

Or all our Birthday cards here.