The manically grinning ticket machine

After an uneventful trip to Ikea, I was reminded of a visit a few years ago that was more eventful and searched the archives for my thoughts on that visit: Having purchased an immoderate quantity of raw pickled fish, I left Ikea, and unusually, remembered to remove the parking ticket from my wallet, before sitting upon it, and thus negating the awkwardness of extricating it at the barrier . With the aforementioned ticket held at…

Thuya wood boxes

We now stock a selection of these beautifully finished, polished wood boxes The wood comes from the roots of the Thuya tree, a shrubby conifer indigenous to southern Morocco. The root has no other uses and would usually be burned when the tree was felled Down To The Wood Round box with spherical lid as shown above (flat base) £12 Square box shown below £9 Egg £5 Mushroom box £12

‘Driftwood’ Ray

I’m Ray, also known as ‘Driftwood’ Ray. My early history is unknown, but I was found washed up on a North Devon beach a number of years ago. As a driftwood log, time and tide hadn’t been kind to me, I was fairly battered and starting to fall apart. I was rescued and carried home, then put somewhere out of the elements, to give me time to dry off. Nothing happened for five or so…
Wooden wand with engraved Elvish

The full skinny on how we make our wands

First, we sort through the coppiced timber looking for potential wands. Anything with honeysuckle curled around it is a possibility Next, we cut them to length on site. I use a saw called a Silky Gomboy (catchy name). It is a Japanese saw and like many Japanese saws it cuts on the pull, not the push. The wand is then clamped in a shave-horse, you push with your feet and it clamps the piece, leaving…


Down at Pondhead enclosure, the Bluebells are coming on thick and fast. Click on the box on the right to go full screen, then use the arrows on the left to see what it looked like when we cut it in January. More can be found about Pondhead and the work of the volunteers here: