Hand-made front door

Well.. we needed a new front door

…and I had a pile of old timber I looked around for a new front door, but nothing jumped out at me, so I thought as I had quite a pile of waney-edged timber in the shed, why not? It was waney-edged elm with some ash planks.  I forgot about the weather strip, then found a piece of yew about the right length. As none of the joints are straight and the planks are of…
Pyrographed and laser engraved pens

Personalisation (we’ll write on stuff)

If you would like us to write on any product, we can now write on nearly everything1! We can pyrograph (burn by hand), this is rustic and uneven, but has character, or we can laser engrave (much smarter) The cost for for pyrography is £2 (unless it’s an essay!) The laser is £5 to set up plus 1p/mm2 (so the pen shown was £7.25) Here’s the back of a watch we can even write on…

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