a jigsaw of Bolton's bench

Pocket jigsaw with whimsies (and dead dragons)

This wooden jigsaw has 40 pieces, but it laser cut out of wood, so the pieces can be any shape; there are ‘whimsies’ cut into it; shapes of animals rather than uniform jigsaw shapes.  Also the corners are bisected so you can’t even start with the corners! The picture is our own of Boltons Bench On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBenchLyndhurst/ or google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W8dLPFV1q2n £8 (we have six designs and a larger 250 piece size) This apparently…
A wooden spoon with engraved handle

Buy a spoon- save a fridge

Want an inexpensive memory of the New Forest, but worried another fridge magnet might be the final straw that rips the door off your fridge? At 12″ this solid beech spoon will create quite a stir with it’s laser engraved handle. In case you can’t read it in thne picture, there is a grazing horse followed by the words ‘The new forest’ followed by a line of four deer. All for the stirring cost of…
Display of wooden rings

Tree rings – rings from trees

Our tri-band rings are made of three thin slices of wood bonded together. We have a number of different timbers, but our most common pairing is English yew on the outside with a band of walnut through the middle. Sorry we cannot make to order (we tried, it was too stressful to get the size right!) We have every half size from E to Z+ (English sizes) at £19 each
Chopping board with a laser engraved fox

A foxy beech chopping board

We used to stock a number of beech boards, but they were a little boring as a gift, so we stocked boards with more interesting grains such as olive and waney edged oak, but missed tradition and practicably of a beech board as they have a natural antiseptic and are easy to clean. So when we found a company that would etch our own fox design into a traditional beech board, we knew we were…