..so what wood is that chopping board?

Engraved chopping boards

Have you a beautiful wooden chopping board? Or would you like one? Not sure you’ll remember where it came from or what wood it’s made from? We think we have the answer:-

As well as our range of beech boards, we are starting a new range of locally sourced hardwood chopping boards with the name of the wood and where it came from engraved into the edge of the board.

We currently have some English Oak and Field Maple ready. In the workshop we have more Oak as well as Hornbeam and Sycamore. The Sycamore is rectangular, the Oak is waney-edged on one side, the Hornbeam is waney-edged both sides.

The key feature of all these boards is that they are cut from a single piece of wood; no joints to come apart. If you accidentally leave one into soak, just dry it out, re-oil it and it’ll be good to go. Someone put it in the dishwasher! ..it might need a bit of sanding down and re-oiling. The only way to destruct one of these boards is to put it on a decent bonfire

To look after your board, just rub some oil on it. It doesn’t matter what oil as long as you’re happy to eat it! Also if you use a lot of garlic, or prepare fish on it, rubbing in lemon juice will kill the smells and keep the board antiseptic

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