A corking new idea!

We’ve never stoked cork products, it wasn’t so much the argument whether it’s wood or not, more the simple fact that while wood is textured, grained and infinity variable, cork is just a little bit plain; too homogeneous to have the character of a hardwood.

But you can’t help feeling a little sorry for an environmentally friendly industry that has been usurped by composite corks and metal lids, so we’ve had another look, and look what we found:

Necessity is the mother of invention


Featured above is our medium pot stand, cork fishes strung together on a hemp cord, but the cork has an infinite wave, this is not printed on, but is a natural consequence of not processing the cork so much and the result: well we love it! (we also have large pot stands)

Below are place mats and coasters using the same technique

And if you think cork is just for kitchens, have a gander at this:

So, we’re now stocking cork, and proud.

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