Growing spoons

My spoon collection is growing..

Each spoon is pyrographed with it’s name after..
being polished with wax after..
being sanded with 5 grades of sandpaper after..
being carved using a couple of whittling knives after..
being shaped with a draw-knife on a shave horse after..
the outline being formed using a saw and sawn-off bill-hook, after..
a slice being split from a log using a froe, after
the log being cut from our coppicing work over at

The rules are that I only use timber cut in the course of coppicing, or from trees that are diseased and dying. And only from Pondhead enclosure.

Sorry, they are not for sale, but are a wonderful example of the variety and diversity present in even a small piece of woodland.

You can come and see them at the volunteer fair this sunday in the Lyndhurst community centre. where the pondhead Trust will have a stand

p.s. they will be starting spoon courses over in the forest this year for volunteers.

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