About us

Down To The Wood

Down To The Wood opened 25 years ago, and is still run by the same family: More than a shop, it is a celebration of the versatility of the trees that grow around us. A cornucopia of wooden products

Situated in the New Forest, in the south of England

We sell wooden products designed and made by ourselves
We sell wooden products from locally coppiced woodlands (this encourages tree growth)
We sell wooden products from Fair-trade suppliers
We sell wooden products that are FSC approved
We sell locally made wooden products
We sell wooden products that are made from recycled or ‘upcycled’ wood.

We sell toys, but only wooden ones,
Gifts, lots of them, all made of wood
Jewellery, well I think you’re getting the message
Puzzles -wood
Utensils, bowls and chopping boards – but only from ex-trees
Wands – well we don’t so much sell them, as they choose their owner, but they’re wooden
Carvings – guess what they’re made from
Wooden chess sets
Computer keyboards made from Bamboo, -that’s grass not wood, (oh the ignominy)

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