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Musical Boxes

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We have lots of different tunes, but due to copyright of their titles we’ll just have to describe them:

  • Its’ all about fighting for a big seat (Spoiler: nearly everyone dies)
  • It’s based at a school where everyone has a wand
  • About a young lady and a bit of a monster
  • Its’ not as miserable as it sounds and only most people die
  • It’s about a boy who’s father is a baddy with breathing problems
  • A group of small people and a piece of jewellery
  • Sailing around and avoiding curses
  • Oh, and one by Queen
  • and another by John Lennon

Have you got a childs Birthday this winter. How about a lovely little wooden loom, make either woolen garments, or wooden bead bracelets
(sorry about the bad pun, but we couldn’t resist)

Back to school

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Back to that learnin’ lark

We have plenty of educational toys.

is it time you learned your number pairs upto 10?

..or for you engineers!

and then there’s geography

We sell these fair-trade, simple spinning tops with the well-balanced price tag of £1.90

..But, if money is no object and you can find that extra 10p, you can upgrade!

The Snake Charmer Spinning top

After an uneventful trip to Ikea, I was reminded of a visit a few years ago that was more eventful and searched the archives for my thoughts on that visit:

Having purchased an immoderate quantity of raw pickled fish, I left Ikea, and unusually, remembered to remove the parking ticket from my wallet, before sitting upon it, and thus negating the awkwardness of extricating it at the barrier . With the aforementioned ticket held at the corner by my teeth, I approached the spiral of the exit ramp at a reckless pace and for once finding it clear of drivers who value paintwork above the thrill of a helta-skelta, plummeted with reckless abandon. I straightened at the bottom, and hit the window button as I coasted genteelly in close to the ticket machine and nonchalantly proffered my ticket to the mouth of the receptacle. It was at this point that my impressive exit went awry; the course of events were altered by the damp corner of a piece of cardboard, as the ticket instead of sliding smoothly into the machine, held fast and buckled. As I released, it flexed and catching the breeze, skipped down the verge. Fixated by the errant piece of cardboard that signified freedom from this suddenly oppressive structure, I tried to exit the vehicle only to find I was penned in by the manically grinning ticket machine. Quickly I reversed the car, mouthing an apology to the first of the growing queue, leapt from the car and chased the errant voucher,that gamboled in the breeze; a simple printed receipt that had gained it’s freedom at the expense of mine. I entered into a less than dignified stamping dance and eventually regained mastery over that piece of paper, then returned to my car, much subdued and bereft of the erstwhile feeling of superiority; taken from me by a small rectangle of recycled tree pulp.

Down To The Wood

Thuya wood boxes

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We now stock a selection of these beautifully finished, polished wood boxes

The wood comes from the roots of the Thuya tree, a shrubby conifer indigenous to southern Morocco. The root has no other uses and would usually be burned when the tree was felled

Down To The Wood
  • Round box with spherical lid as shown above (flat base) £12
  • Square box shown below £9
  • Egg £5
  • Mushroom box £12
Egg £5, little toy egg cup £2
Mushroom box

‘Driftwood’ Ray

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I’m Ray, also known as ‘Driftwood’ Ray. My early history is unknown, but I was found washed up on a North Devon beach a number of years ago. As a driftwood log, time and tide hadn’t been kind to me, I was fairly battered and starting to fall apart. I was rescued and carried home, then put somewhere out of the elements, to give me time to dry off. Nothing happened for five or so years, in truth I thought I’d been forgotten, but I lived on as a vague memory of a never-finished thought. Then one day, a photo of a Stingray jogged that memory and finished that thought. I was taken down, dusted off, and after half a decade of inaction I was thrown into a couple of weeks of frenetic activity and my true-self emerged. I may have grown on land, but the sea made me.

Wooden wand with engraved Elvish

First, we sort through the coppiced timber looking for potential wands.

Anything with honeysuckle curled around it is a possibility

Next, we cut them to length on site. I use a saw called a Silky Gomboy (catchy name). It is a Japanese saw and like many Japanese saws it cuts on the pull, not the push.

The wand is then clamped in a shave-horse, you push with your feet and it clamps the piece, leaving both hands free to use the draw-knife to shape the business-end of the wand.

A final bit of whittling to finish the ends

The shave-horse is a versatile clamping device. Usually it grips the piece whilst you work on it; but this works for me.

The wands are aga-dried. That’s the same as kiln-dried, except for the obvious. They are left for about 24 hours at 100°C, this dries off the moisture so the surface can be sanded smooth. It also kills off any woodworm or bugs that may be in the wood.

The dreaded sanding, we use four different grades to get a super-smooth finish

Here we leap-frog from centuries-old techniques straight to the 21st.
This is a laser-engraver made from the stepper motors and the laser from a computers CD writer

Wax on:
wax off.
Wax on:
wax off.

The juxtaposition of the the natural twisting bark and the highly polished blade shows off the true beauty of the hazel and creates a very satisfying wand

Down To The Wood
A thin wand, laser engraved

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