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Kindling hack

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Chopping kindling takes a while, and it’s usually hard on your back as you spend most of the time picking up the pieces.

Simply put some elastic around the log, then you can keep chopping without stopping!

Safer for your fingers and much quicker.


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I blogged about some chainsaw coppicing over at Pondhead

But that failed to show the stirling work of the majority of the volunteers achieve, so here is another info-panarama-graphic-thingy to redress the balance.

As before click on the top right square to go full screen and get a better view.

The original panorama is here : Green gym

The Truthful Holly greetings card

I like to feed the robins in winter; the colder the winter, the more berries I will wear. I’m the guardian of the forest whilst the other trees take their winter sleep; bringing a surge of welcome colour into a grey world.
What house is not cheered by my greens and reds over the winter solstice, and doors hung with wreathes at Christmas?
I make an impenetrable fence in a hedgerow and my crown is often left uncut to trip those wicked witches, who are known to run along the tops of hedges.

Designed and written by ourselves

..and the air was thick with the wings of birds coming home to roost

To celebrate getting our windows filled with so many wonderful hand-carved birds, we’re going to give one away!**

Just comment here, or on our facebook page which bird is your favorite and why, then next friday we will pick a winner at random and announce it that day*

Here’s a list of all the birds we stock:

These birds are all hand-carved and hand painted in Bali and bought directly from individual families with a strict fair trade policy that ensures a safe working environment as well as a fair wage.

*Competition will close at 1pm Friday 15th February 2019

**Prize includes postage within the UK

We’ve been playing with our new laser a while now, but it’s hard to get it running without the odd hiccup and as images take a long while we usually get a programme crash or the laser not stepping the correct amount.

But here is our first success. It took just over 4 hours!

New Forest English Oak Otter engraved Cheese Board


15″ x 10″

The English Oak; three hundred years to grow, three hundred years to live, three hundred years to die

We will be doing many more images, but at 4 hours each time, it will take a while! But when we do, we will store each image on a board on Pintrest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/DownToTheWood/board-stiff

Swedish Door Harps

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After a gap of eight years, we finally have a range of door harps back in stock.

A Scandinavian musical instrument hung on the inside of your front door to welcome guests into your home with a beautiful soothing sounds as the door opens and closes

5 string

…or you can hang one on the fridge door, as a tuneful alarm to stop night raiders,

4 string
3 string

Traditionally a Swedish folk item, these door harps are made from beautiful hardwoods in the foothills of the Gold country in northern California, USA.

The Thoughtful Hazel greetings card

I am the tree of knowledge, where the dormice choose to sleep. My magical protection makes the best wands and water diviners. My wood can be bent and knotted for neighbourly fences or dried for strong walking sticks – though leave your stick in fertile ground and find a tree when you return.
Perhaps most importantly, stir your breakfast jam with a stick of hazel and it’ll never be stolen by fairies.  What I mark, I keep safe.

Designed and written by ourselves

Another unique card, written by ourselves; hardly a greetings card, but a card with a message from all trees.

When you were young I kept you shaded, kept you fed.
As you learned, my gifts were your tools of progress.
For shelter and warmth, you’ve always looked to me.
We even crossed the oceans together, you and I.
Now I feel you have moved on, and do not look at me or love me still,
but remember, mine forever is the air you breathe.


Blank inside