Our wooden log (page 9)

Large Wooden Dumper truck

This tipping dumper truck has steerable front wheels, a tipping rear with swinging back.  It is made in Europe from managed forests.There is not one piece of plastic on these vehicles or in their packaging!

38cm long

At £68 this is toy designed to last

Pull along puppy sitting up

A puppy isn’t just for Christmas.  Take this cute chap home and you’ll have a puppy you can pass down the generations.

Pull him along head up, ears waving in the wind, or slowly nose to the floor following a scent, he’ll even sit up and beg.

about 25cm long

£18, not bad for a pedigree!

Wooden wand with engraved Elvish

Our wands are made from hand-coppiced hazel and silver birch.
Coppicing is the traditional forestry practice of cutting these short-lived trees, to encourage regrowth and as a consequence increase biodiversity of the woodland.
Our wands are sourced from the award-winning Pondhead Conservation Trust based a mile from our shop.

Hand-cut then walked home where they are shaped on a shave horse with a draw knife, then dried on our aga. Next walked up to the shop where they receive a final sanding before being laser-engraved with either some Tenguar Elvish (from Lord of the Rings) or a quote from a more recent set of films where wands are much in evidence (..ahm being careful of copyright). Lastly they are waxed and polished to help that magic flow.

We can customise a wand with your own words, either hand-pyrographed on, or laser etched. (but we haven’t figured out how to insert a phoenix feather into one)



A greetings card with venneer deatails

All our wooden cards are designed by us and are unique to our shop. They are made from layers of veneer attached to a card backing.

We feel at £3.50 it is good value, though we have been told it’s a little deer!

Inside is blank, comes with envelope

a jigsaw of Bolton's bench

This wooden jigsaw has 40 pieces, but it laser cut out of wood, so the pieces can be any shape; there are ‘whimsies’ cut into it; shapes of animals rather than uniform jigsaw shapes.  Also the corners are bisected so you can’t even start with the corners!

The picture is our own of Boltons Bench
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBenchLyndhurst/
or google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W8dLPFV1q2n

(we have six designs and a larger 250 piece size)

This apparently is how the hill was formed:

The local tradition is that a dragon had his den at Burley Beacon, about 3 miles east of Bisterne, at Burley. He “flew” every morning to Bisterne, where he would be supplied with milk. In order to kill the dragon, a valiant knight named Berkeley built a hide, and with two dogs lay in wait. The creature came as usual one morning for its milk, when the hide door was opened the dogs attacked it, and while thus engaged the knight took the dragon by surprise, mortally wounding him. The dragon took flight, but not before killing the knight and even eating his yew bow. Finally succumbing to his wounds he landed outside the village of Lyndhurst. His corpse turning into the hill now known as Boltons Bench. The yew bow sprouted and became the ring of yew trees that can still be seen today.

A wooden spoon with engraved handle

Want an inexpensive memory of the New Forest, but worried another fridge magnet might be the final straw that rips the door off your fridge?
At 12″ this solid beech spoon will create quite a stir with it’s laser engraved handle.

In case you can’t read it in thne picture, there is a grazing horse followed by the words ‘The new forest’ followed by a line of four deer.

All for the stirring cost of £2.50

Display of wooden rings

Our tri-band rings are made of three thin slices of wood bonded together. We have a number of different timbers, but our most common pairing is English yew on the outside with a band of walnut through the middle. Sorry we cannot make to order (we tried, it was too stressful to get the size right!)

We have every half size from E to Z+ (English sizes) at £19 each

Piggy banks carved from a tree branch

You don’t get more natural and tactile than these piggy banks.  Made from a solid branch with a slot in the top and a removable rear to get your money out. Cute porkers with faux leather ears and curly tail.

standing 14cm high and about 20cm long