~Lots of independent shops
~Loads of places to eat
~thousands of years of history
~millions of trees

In the heart of the forest, there’s loads to see and do, here we aim to build up a portfolio of information for the visitor and local alike.


First up is food, well, what better place to start!
We have 32 places to sit and eat, of those 30 are independent businesses. So if you like originality and variety, this might well be just the place for you.
For a list of all the eateries just click here


The trouble with history, is there’s so much of it. It covers everything over all time; and time is simply the thing that stops everything happening at once!

Down To The Wood (in a philosophical mood)

We’re not going to cut & paste other people’s work here, for the general history of the New Forest, you can’t do better than look here: The Real New Forest Guide

Click here if you want to know more about Alice in Wonderland (or Alice in Lyndhurst to be more precise)


We have all the bases covered with a sprinkling of the unusual. To start we have a Co-op supermarket, a chemist, bank, butchers, bakers, Cycle shop, Camping shop
A more complete list of shops can be found here

Things to do

There’s plenty to do in and around Lyndhurst, but the main thing people do is say hello to a tree or two! (if you’ve got a phobia of trees, just don’t come!)
If size is important to you, then you probably want the Blackwater tall trees trail
But if you prefer a working woodland, have a walk around Pondhead enclosure where you can see coppicing, hedge-laying and in the summer, charcoal making. (Ask in Down to The wood which days they are making charcoal)
But the wonderful thing about Lyndhurst is, head out in any direction and you will find open forest to walk in!
Walk though trees back to a cafe, or pub, what more could you want? (If that’s not enough, may we suggest Butlins?)