Magic from the New Forest – Elvish Wands

Wooden wand with engraved Elvish

Our wands are made from hand-coppiced hazel and silver birch.
Coppicing is the traditional forestry practice of cutting these short-lived trees, to encourage regrowth and as a consequence increase biodiversity of the woodland.
Our wands are sourced from the award-winning Pondhead Conservation Trust based a mile from our shop.

Hand-cut then walked home where they are shaped on a shave horse with a draw knife, then dried on our aga. Next walked up to the shop where they receive a final sanding before being laser-engraved with either some Tenguar Elvish (from Lord of the Rings) or a quote from a more recent set of films where wands are much in evidence (..ahm being careful of copyright). Lastly they are waxed and polished to help that magic flow.

We can customise a wand with your own words, either hand-pyrographed on, or laser etched. (but we haven’t figured out how to insert a phoenix feather into one)



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