The story of a little wooden pebble and it’s trip to the smoke

A selection of polished wooden pebbles

We had a lady phone us: “Do you still have any of those wooden pebbles, only I’m going to London and I’ve lost mine!”  After assuring her we had plenty she finished the conversation saying she’ be straight in.
Slightly bemused, we waited and sure enough about half an hour later a lady came in, “I’ve come for a pebble, my train’s at 4 “.  After rummaging1 through our pile of pebbles, she deferentially placed one on the counter.  While ringing up the sale, I could not resist asking why she needed a pebble to go to London.
I go to visit my daughter, but it’s so crowded and bustling, that  find it very stressful both on the train and getting around London; so a few years ago my daughter gave me a wooden pebble for my handbag and whenever I feel stressed, I just hold it in my hand, it reminds me of my home in the New Forest and calms2 me, but packing this morning, I couldn’t find it anywhere.”

1No one just takes a wooden pebble, you have to rummage until you find one that talks to you.

2While a wooden pebble is beautiful to hold, did you know wood dissipates static electricity so you are less likely to get ‘zapped’ while traveling or shopping.

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