Swedish Door Harps

After a gap of eight years, we finally have a range of door harps back in stock. A Scandinavian musical instrument hung on the inside of your front door to welcome guests into your home with a beautiful soothing sounds as the door opens and closes …or you can hang one on the fridge door, as a tuneful alarm to stop night raiders, Traditionally a Swedish folk item, these door harps are made from beautiful…

Making time

Just finished making our first clock of the year, designed by us, and made in the shop. The multi-layered Forest Fox clock We’ve never found a clock that is suitable for a child that wasn’t, well, childish. A pirate ship might do them for a few years, but they will still outgrow it. What we wanted was a clock that would appeal to any age, but with enough fun for a child. We’ve be open…
A selection of Engraved wooden pebbles

Memory book stones

They’re not memories, books or made of stone; they are tactile wooden pebbles that represent specific books.If you’ve read the book, pick up the ‘stone’ and the memories will flood back. Are they imbued with magic, try one, we think they are. So, which books do they represent? – have a guess, here is a clearer picture of the 7 icons so far: Also, please let us know if there are are any other books…
A wooden notebook with carved deer

Staggeringly original Sketchbook

This stag-gerring beautiful sketchbook is laser cut from one of our own designs, so it is unique and not available anywhere else in the whole world!The text is from John MuirIt is wood front and back, only the fly-leaf is green, the rest of the pages are plain unlined white paper. The outer corners of the book are reinforced with metal.(we have replacement sets of paper) £11 (in case you didn’t see the sticker)
A line of wooden ducks

Here come the ducks

It’s raining outside, look who’s still eager to go out. These ducks, with their walking boots, are made from the often-discarded bamboo root and are imported from Bali by a fair-trade company. We feel we must point out that these importers supply us with a number of carvings; one of the more difficult products to package, yet they manage it without the slightest hint of plastic. If they can do it, anyone can. small £14 …
Watch with engraved back

Looking for something special for a loved one?

Inspired by some really cringe-worthy sentiment advertised on Facebook, we thought we would offer personalised wooden watches with a more realistic sentiment! This one reads:Dad, You’ve got me, so you don’t reallyneed anything else, but I thoughtI’d get you a watch to help youpick me up on time.Love {name here} Other phrases are available:Or you can make up your own Mum: In thanks for all you do; for all the meals you cook, I bought…
Pyrographed and laser engraved pens

Personalisation (we’ll write on stuff)

If you would like us to write on any product, we can now write on nearly everything1! We can pyrograph (burn by hand), this is rustic and uneven, but has character, or we can laser engrave (much smarter) The cost for for pyrography is £2 (unless it’s an essay!) The laser is £5 to set up plus 1p/mm2 (so the pen shown was £7.25) Here’s the back of a watch we can even write on…

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