Thuya wood boxes

We now stock a selection of these beautifully finished, polished wood boxes The wood comes from the roots of the Thuya tree, a shrubby conifer indigenous to southern Morocco. The root has no other uses and would usually be burned when the tree was felled Down To The Wood Round box with spherical lid as shown above (flat base) £12 Square box shown below £9 Egg £5 Mushroom box £12
Watch with engraved back

Looking for something special for a loved one?

Inspired by some really cringe-worthy sentiment advertised on Facebook, we thought we would offer personalised wooden watches with a more realistic sentiment! This one reads:Dad, You’ve got me, so you don’t reallyneed anything else, but I thoughtI’d get you a watch to help youpick me up on time.Love {name here} Other phrases are available:Or you can make up your own Mum: In thanks for all you do; for all the meals you cook, I bought…
Display of wooden rings

Tree rings – rings from trees

Our tri-band rings are made of three thin slices of wood bonded together. We have a number of different timbers, but our most common pairing is English yew on the outside with a band of walnut through the middle. Sorry we cannot make to order (we tried, it was too stressful to get the size right!) We have every half size from E to Z+ (English sizes) at £19 each

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