Renewed my gym membership today

My aim is to get a little fitter in 2019 So I use the ‘green gym’. Membership is free and you can go as little or as often as you like! I have the satisfaction of getting fitter in a healthy environment and at the same time achieve something useful. (just think how much we could achieve if everyone who lifts weights lifted timber instead!) The above is a panorama taken in Pondhead with info…
A selection of Engraved wooden pebbles

Memory book stones

They’re not memories, books or made of stone; they are tactile wooden pebbles that represent specific books.If you’ve read the book, pick up the ‘stone’ and the memories will flood back. Are they imbued with magic, try one, we think they are. So, which books do they represent? – have a guess, here is a clearer picture of the 7 icons so far: Also, please let us know if there are are any other books…
A wooden notebook with carved deer

Staggeringly original Sketchbook

This stag-gerring beautiful sketchbook is laser cut from one of our own designs, so it is unique and not available anywhere else in the whole world!The text is from John MuirIt is wood front and back, only the fly-leaf is green, the rest of the pages are plain unlined white paper. The outer corners of the book are reinforced with metal.(we have replacement sets of paper) £11 (in case you didn’t see the sticker)
Hand-made front door

Well.. we needed a new front door

…and I had a pile of old timber I looked around for a new front door, but nothing jumped out at me, so I thought as I had quite a pile of waney-edged timber in the shed, why not? It was waney-edged elm with some ash planks.  I forgot about the weather strip, then found a piece of yew about the right length. As none of the joints are straight and the planks are of…

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