Wooden puzzle game

The Sliding Blocks of Huarong

Can you move the largest block (Cao Cao) from the top center out through the hole at the bottom of the board by sliding the other blocks out the way? This puzzle will test your patience and lateral thinking whilst helping you to develop great mental discipline. The characters on the blocks are from one of the most legendary battles in Chinese history, the Battle of the Red Cliffs. The biggest block represents the fearsome…
a jigsaw of Bolton's bench

Pocket jigsaw with whimsies (and dead dragons)

This wooden jigsaw has 40 pieces, but it laser cut out of wood, so the pieces can be any shape; there are ‘whimsies’ cut into it; shapes of animals rather than uniform jigsaw shapes.  Also the corners are bisected so you can’t even start with the corners! The picture is our own of Boltons Bench On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBenchLyndhurst/ or google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/W8dLPFV1q2n £8 (we have six designs and a larger 250 piece size) This apparently…

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