The Warrior Ash

The Warrior Ash greetings card

The ancient Britons named me ‘Ash’, meaning spear. In battle I served them sturdily and well – a seven foot shaft topped with an iron point. When arrows and small bows are needed, still I am found first in
the warrior-ranks. But warriors adapt, and so have I. Now you will find me everywhere – in planes, sports cars, and the handle for every garden
tool in your shed; if I cannot fight, I will turn ploughshare.  When coppiced, I will give strong straight bean poles after five years, or oars after twenty.
The Romans called me ‘Fraxinus’, or ‘firelight’.  In the evening, you can rest easy by the fire if you have a supply of Ash by your side, as ash green or ash dry, I am fit to warm a king’s slippers by.

Designed and written by ourselves

One of a set of 12 tree-specific cards. Unique and only available from us.
On FSC approved card for £1.99

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