Bolton’s Bench ~ A wood veneer card for Lyndhurst

A greetings card with wood veneer image

The local tradition is that a dragon had his den at Burley Beacon, about 3 miles east of Bisterne, at Burley. He “flew” every morning to Bisterne, where he would be supplied with milk.
In order to kill the dragon, a valiant knight named Berkeley built a hide, and with two dogs lay in wait. The creature came as usual one morning for its milk, when the hide door was opened the dogs attacked it, and while thus engaged the knight took the dragon by surprise, mortally wounding him. The dragon took flight, but not before killing the knight and even eating his yew bow. Finally succumbing to his wounds he landed outside the village of Lyndhurst. His corpse turning into the hill now known as Bolton’s Bench. The yew bow sprouted and became the ring of yew trees that can still be seen today.

You don’t get a greetings card more local than this. And, as it is made up from wood veneers, you don’t get more unusual or original


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