Thuya wood boxes

We now stock a selection of these beautifully finished, polished wood boxes

The wood comes from the roots of the Thuya tree, a shrubby conifer indigenous to southern Morocco. The root has no other uses and would usually be burned when the tree was felled

Down To The Wood
  • Round box with spherical lid as shown above (flat base) £12
  • Square box shown below £9
  • Egg £5
  • Mushroom box £12
Egg £5, little toy egg cup £2
Mushroom box

2 thoughts on “Thuya wood boxes

  1. I would like to purchase a Thuya Mushroom Box, but cannot a see a means of doing this in your online shop. (Could be my stupidity of course)

    If you send me a Paypal link advising cost including P&P all the way to Ringwood, I will do the necessary,

    Thanks, Allan

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